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Evolution of the Brand

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When Steve Jamison opened Blue Sole Shoes in February of 2007, after finally saving enough money to open his own shop, the store slowly developed over the first few years as the retail shopping district in Philadelphia itself began to develop. After nine years, however, Jamison’s store went through a major upgrade, which included renovations to the store’s facade with a massive picture window, exposing the store’s incredible inventory to people passing by. This was the second expansion which Blue Sole Shoes went through, as Jamison needed to upgrade his space to make room for more shoes, as well as new accessories, socks, bags and other products. The showroom floor got bigger, and in doing so, Jamison opened up his store to the ability to include much more inventory. Most recently, Blue Sole Shoes unveiled a huge upgrade to its website with a brand new e-commerce component for online shopping.

Renovation Elation - Steve

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