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Traveling for Inspiration

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When Steve Jamison isn’t running his business, helping the community, and taking care of his family, he is often looking for inspiration for his men’s shoe store. Perhaps his biggest inspiration comes every year when he travels internationally to fashion-forward cities such as Florence and Milan. Every year, Jamison goes on buying trips while attending MICAM — the leading international footwear forum, held in Milan, Italy. During his travels to MICAM, Jamison will spend time with each designer, studying the brands and the new lines of footwear, joining shoemakers as they hand-make and hand-paint shoes, and orders a vast number of different styles of shoes to travel back to the States with. An incredible amount of his inventory comes from his time in Italy. More specifically, Jamison sees how men dress in cities like Florence and Milan, and compares it to how men dress back at home. Men take more risks regarding color and styling in Italy, and Jamison’s goal is to come home and encourage his followers to be more open to creative styles which they may not be privy to already, which opens Blue Sole Shoes up to being the most fashion-forward, unique men’s shoe store in Philadelphia. Jamison’s initiatives and inspiration are not only recognized in Philadelphia, though. In September of 2015, Jamison was recognized by the Association of Italian Footwear Manufacturers, and given their prestigious MICAM Best Foreign Buyer Award for his commitment to promoting gorgeous Italian footwear outside of Italy.


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