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In Store This Fall

  • October 19, 2016
  • Blog

We love when the seasons change and new products arrive for our loyal clientele. Now that chilly weather is upon us and fall is in full swing, we’re excited to see new and returning customers coming in to ramp up their shoe collections and upgrade their wardrobes for the “dressier” months to come.

This fall, we are leaning towards more colors than anything else. Boldness and expressiveness are on trend when it comes to shoes, and with that comes more colors, more details and more uniqueness, which suits us perfectly. We are focusing on crossover-type shoes, which we call “sport dress,” which you can wear as both a casual shoe or a dress shoe with an outfit up to but not including with a tie.

We are also showcasing a lot more boots in the upcoming months, as well as more accessories, including belts, bags and other small pieces such as cufflinks which we can mix and match to pair with your favorite shoes.

Accessorizing the Modern Man

  • October 18, 2016
  • Blog

We are about way more than just shoes at Blue Sole Shoes, as we specialize in an array of accessories  — from bags to socks to belts to cuff links and much more.

“When I’m asked my perspective on accessorizing, I tell them ‘to be expressive’ more than anything,” said owner Steve Jamison. “It doesn’t take a lot in terms of investment, nor does it take a lot in terms of thought. Sometimes, guys over-think accessorizing their look with color. I believe every man should consider taking things up a small notch before walking out the door most days, and I understand that sometimes men just like to play is safe and conservative once in a while, which I can absolutely relate to.”

Accessorizing is all in the details. You don’t always want to combine the same colors or textures. You really want a contrast in color, and possibly even go in a totally different direction. If you’re wearing something which may have a red base in your tie, we’d suggest a yellow sock with a hint of red to pull it all together.

We believe in always starting from the bottom and going up to the top in terms of accessorizing, beginning with the shoe you want to accessorize with specific socks and a smart belt. And despite what many fashion-forward men think, it doesn’t all have to match! It’s good to be in the same color range, but even the materials don’t have to be the same. We love mixing and matching! Leathers and suede make for a great look, and as long as everything compliments each other, such as a dressy shoe with a dressy belt, or a casual shoe and belt combination. If you’re thinking about shaking things up a bit and upgrading your personal style, we applaud you. When you’re feeling bold, be bold. And if we see you pulling off a risky move, we may even snap your photo and give you a shout-out on social media. Cheers!

Accessorizing The Modern Man - Belts

Proprietor Steve Jamison Gains International Recognition

  • October 17, 2016
  • Blog

We are delighted to announce that Blue Sole Shoes’ owner Steve Jamison’s expertise in sourcing gorgeous men’s footwear earned him international recognition in 2015. Just eight years after launching Blue Sole Shoes in Philadelphia, Jamison was awarded the MICAM Award for “Best Italian Foreign Buyer” in 2015. MICAM is the leading international footwear forum, held in Milan, and promoted by ASSOCALZATURIFICI ITALIANI — the Association of Italian Footwear Manufacturers.

The prestigious international business honor is awarded by MICAM exhibitors annually to a buyer who demonstrates the greatest appreciation for the excellence of Italian-made footwear, and their work in promoting it worldwide. “It means you have to buy a lot of stuff,” said Jamison.


Jamison credits his loyal customers with helping him secure this prestigious award. “If our stylish customers weren’t purchasing the shoes that I’ve been stocking, then I wouldn’t have brought in so many styles and attracted the attention of the association,” he said. “I am humbled by this accolade, and recognize that my customers played a significant role in helping me secure this award. I guess you could say this is the ultimate ‘win-win,’ as my sourcing some of the most beautiful shoes on the planet, which my clients are excited to purchase, gained the attention of one of the foremost associations of footwear designers and manufacturers in the fashion world. It’s also fantastic to think that the high fashion footwear community realizes that Philadelphians have pretty incredible taste in shoes.”

Renovation Elation

  • October 16, 2016
  • Blog

We are so excited to finally see the light at the end of a nearly year-long renovation project that is providing Blue Sole Shoes with a beautiful, modern façade, an expanded showroom, and significantly more square footage to display the gorgeous footwear that we literally travel incredible distances to source.

This was an extensive process that involved some difficult challenges, including scaffolding consuming the front of the building, the construction of a temporary exterior wall, a condensed sidewalk, and less visibility of our gorgeous merchandise from the street.

Throughout the renovation, we remained as busy as ever, which is a testament to our loyal customers’ support of us and appreciation of exquisite shoes.

As we approach our 10-year anniversary in February of 2017, we are so thrilled to be beginning the next chapter of our burgeoning business in a bigger, more beautiful space, one which will provide us with more square footage to stock and display even more of the most beautiful shoes made by some of the most celebrated shoe designers in the world.

Renovation Elation - Steve

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